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A Scout Is...

Boy Scouts is an outdoor program designed to develop character, citizenship, leadership, and fitness for young men ages 11 through 17. Scouting helps a boy develop into a well-rounded young man. The Eagle Scout Rank, the highest rank in Scouting, is recognized around the world as a mark of excellence.

Boy Scouts can take part in many camping opportunities within their troop, at one of the Atlanta Area Council's two camps, or at one of the Boy Scouts of America's National High Adventure Bases. In Boy Scouts, youth take responsibility for the activities of the troop. By planning and organizing activities, they develop teamwork and learn to lead as well as follow. After Boy Scouts, many young men can transition into the Venturing program or become a volunteer leader in their Boy Scout Troop.


How Does Scouting Work?

Each Scout is a member of a Troop which is broken up into Patrols. Patrols are groups of 6-10 boys around the same age who meet each week at a local school, place of worship, or other community location. Patrols and Troops go on fun trips, play games, do service projects, and learn new skills.

How much does Scouting cost?

Scouting has fees for membership and activities. The annual membership fee is $33 and Boys' Life magazine is an optional $12 plus tax per year. When joining, both of these fees are prorated by month. Other costs vary depending on the activities of your local Troop and typically range from $40 to $80 annually. One of the key values of Scouting is that Scouts should help earn their own way. That's why we offer multiple opportunities throughout the year for your son to earn the money needed to camp and participate in other activities.

We believe that every boy should have the chance to be a Scout! Because of the generosity of local families, businesses and leaders, the Atlanta Area Council can offer assistance to support local families in need.

Is Scouting in my neighborhood?

Absolutely! There are tons of organizations in neighborhoods throughout the Atlanta area that sponsor Boy Scout Troops. Boy Scouts meet at service organizations, places of worship, schools, and more, all within a comfortable distance to your home. To find a Troop near you, give us a call at 770-989-8820.

Who will lead my son's Troop?

Scouting is a family activity! You will have the opportunity to take a role in leading your son's experience - and we're here to help you become the best leader you can be with training, online resources and support from our Program Center.

Every volunteer leader is required to go through a rigorous background check and Youth Protection Training process that ensures your son will be in a safe and fun program. The Atlanta Area Council provides many training opportunities for our leaders to enhance the program they deliver, and increase the skills they can pass onto our Scouts.

What about other activities like sports?

Lots of boys take part in Scouting along with a variety of other activities like sports, music, academic interests, and more. These programs all work together with Scouting to provide your son with a balance of adult role models and experiences!

How can my son become a Boy Scout?

Joining Boy Scouts is easy. Our helpful staff will connect you with a local Boy Scout Troop and volunteer leader. Call us at 770-989-8820 to find out more about Boy Scouts or click here to fill out a form and we'll contact you.

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